Construction Update
Updated October 16, 2021

Please refer to this page for future updates to the Construction Phases for each zone. Estimated dates for when installations will begin will only be available approximately 30 days prior to beginning installations. This update is intended to provide an outline for the next several months based on the most current assessment of our project. If you have questions about our service, please email them to


Construction is still underway to bring South Central Connect fiber services to the Nathan, Gurdon, and Hope East zones. In some of these areas, the mainline construction effort is near or at completion. Please be assured that we are working to complete the necessary construction and configuration required to deliver these services as quickly as we can.

Construction Phases

All areas go through several phases of construction:

  1. Design: The Design Phase includes determining the specific routes and tools utilized to provide fiber optic services to the area.
  2. Build: Once the Design Phase has been completed, mainline construction begins.
  3. Splice: Splicing is started during the Build Phase and continues for several weeks after. The final steps include configuring and testing services in preparation for scheduling installations.
  4. Install: Once splicing is only a few weeks away from completion our office will begin to call customers to schedule installations to homes and businesses that have registered for service.

Arkadelphia, Richwoods, Alpine, Bismarck 1, Curtis, Daisy, Amity, Murfreesboro, Glenwood, Delight, South Fork, Okolona, Centerpoint, and certain areas of Caddo ValleyInstalling

Service is immediately available in these areas. Register now at

Nathan: Design & Construction

We are currently working on mainline construction in the Nathan area. The drop contractors have been dispatched to the sections where the mainline is complete but we are not prepared to begin connecting subscribers yet.

Butterfield and Rockport: Evaluating and Collecting Data