Rapid-Fire Gaming 

Faster Internet with
Unlimited data is here

Starting at $49.95 a month


A Clearer Choice

Experience HD TV with
a Better Connection

Starting at $43.99 a month


Make a better call

Unlimited local and long
distance for your home phone

Starting at $29.95 a month



Reduce your monthly payment by $30 with approval through ACP

Benefits of a better connection.

Faster Speeds

Fiber optic systems use bursts of light sent though thin glass fibers to transmit information, resulting in much faster speeds than traditional copper lines.

More Dependable

Unlike satellite and cellular signals, fiber optic cables are not affected by weather shifts, so you stay connected even in the stormiest of conditions.

Added Security

Fiber is much more secure than traditional signals, because it is harder to secretly tap into the system, making it easier to trust and work from.

Man on laptop

A closer connection to customers.

We Work Here

With our company located in Arkadelphia, we are never too far from our customers. Meeting their needs quickly is a promise we personally keep.

We Live Here

South Central Arkansas is our home too. Our customers are also our neighbors, our friends and our relatives; their satisfaction means more to us.

We Love It Here

This region is where we grew up. It’s where our meaningful memories are made. Our team is fully invested in helping enhance the quality of life here.